Compli App software offers so much to its users, including clients, engineers and businesses. Read some of the benefits of Compli App.

How does Compli App benefit its users?

Totally paperless system, which will reduce admin costs and speed up client communication with compliance reporting.

Ease of use.

Client and engineer accountability with signature capture (date and time stamped).

Username and password protected access to dashboard and app.

App Can be used without data signal.

Automated pass/fail and commenting for less human error.

One person can monitor multiple sites.

Auto scheduling of work to ensure there is never any missed tests on a site eliminating repeat visits.

Log book available per building to upload any critical information relating to the site. Risk assessments, analytical reports, RAMS etc.

Photo capture per asset on the app to offer the client full visualisation of tests carried out if required.

One off tests can be generated on the dashboard if ad-hoc testing is required.

Failed tests prompt the app user to generate a retest on the next calendar month visit.

Cost savings as there is no need to “file” away job sheets. Reducing admin time and increasing productivity.

The app tells the engineer exactly where to go in building and what test to carry out. If there is a change in engineers this will speed up the learning of the site as it removes the guess work of where is to be tested.

Buildings will have individual contacts, allowing engineers to communicate with the correct people.

Map capabilities within app reduces travel time and fuel bills and increases profitability across all engineers.

APP is a free download, and can be installed onto any Android phones, reducing initial outlay.

Before going to site engineers can see what tests are required, allowing preparation to be made.

Onsite the engineers can refer back to the previous site visit on the APP letting them know if there are reoccurring issues, which can be brought to client’s attention. Resulting in a proactive approach to compliance.

Once results have been uploaded, clients can make comments beside tests and action possible compliance issues using the website dashboard. This then puts accountability back onto the clients to resolve any issues that have been discovered.

Log in histories can be compiled by the client to ensure site managers are using the system. This ensures full accountability.