Frequently Asked Questions

Read a list compiled from of the most frequently asked questions by the users of the Compli App Software.

What browser would you recommend to access the site?

This is personal preference,however, we do recommend that you keep the browsers up to date to allow any updates to the website to work correctly. Google chrome is one of the best for using Compli App.

Does the app work on any smart phone?

The app will only work on iPhone and android phones. We do not support window phones.

What can other users see when on the website?

The other users will only see what you give them access to, allowing you full control.

The system is paperless, but can I print results out regardless?

You can download results onto PDF or Excel format to print or save and email.

What tests can be put onto the website?

Compli Ap is very versatile and if you can think of any test it can be put on.

What happens in poor reception areas using the app?

The app will cache tests during refresh. So you can do all the tests required. And once in a good reception area the results will upload to the website.

Is there a way of clients receiving results after tests are completed?

Engineers can choose to email results after signing off buildings. And client with an email assigned to the building will receive an email. They can also go online to look at results.

What happens if a mistake was made using the app and was uploaded?

Human error will happen. The main website user can edit results and make comments in the Master Test section correcting any mistakes.

Can I use the app on an older model smart phone?

The app will not work on older iPhones that cannot be updated to the latest iOS. If the android phones can be updated to latest operating systems then Compli App will run perfectly.